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Worldwide Transmission (Video Download)

Anniversary Practices

by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

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Worldwide Dzogchen Transmission for the Anniversaries of Garab Dorje, Padmasambhava, and
Adzom Drugpa

• Guruyoga for the Anniversary of Garab Dorje – Tashigar North – March 2, 2007
• Guruyoga for the Anniversary of Padmasambhava – Kunsangar North – July 28, 2012
• Guruyoga for the Anniversary of Adzom Drugpa – Dzamling Gar – November 23, 2016
These video files contain the three practices for the worldwide transmission performed by Chögyal
Namkhai Norbu.
The explanations and texts of these practices are available in the book by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu,
Guruyoga, Shang Shung Publications 2011

These videos have a twofold purpose:

  1. For those who have not yet received the Dzogchen transmission, they are a perfect tool to learn the practice to be applied when the the direct transmission will be given in the future.
  2. For those who have already received the Dzogchen transmission, they are a reminder for repeating the practice individually to refresh the transmission in order to get into our real nature.

Please treat these videos with utmost respect.


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