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[E-Book] First International Conference on Tibetan Medicine

Man - Medicine - Society

by Various Authors

eBook - 11.20€ (without VAT)


available also: Book - 17.00€

NEW ISBN: 978-88-7834-382-5

In 1983 Namkhai Norbu, then professor of Tibetan language and culture at the Istituto Orientale at the University of Naples, managed to organize, with the help of a handful of students, the first international conference on Tibetan medicine in the West, gathering the principal experts of Tibetan medicine as well as some of its most important European representatives. Venice and Arcidosso were the locations for this conference that took place over two weeks. The materials gathered in this book contain the proceedings from this special event.


1. Inaugural Speech: Opening speech by local authorities

2. Professor Namkhai Norbu: Introduction to Tibetan medicine

3. Doctor Tsarong Jigme Tsewang: Fundamental Principles of Tibetan medicine

4. Doctor Trogawa Rinpoche: History of Tibetan medicine. Medicine and Dharma

5. Doctor Lobsang Drolma: Obstetrics and gynecology in Tibetan medicine

6. Doctor Trogawa Rinpoche: Pulse Diagnosis, Part I

7. Doctor Trogawa Rinpoche: Pulse Diagnosis, Part II, and Other Diagnostic Methods

8. Professor Namkhai Norbu: Dealing with Incurable Illnesses

9. Doctor Lobsang Drolma: Delivery and Post-natal Care

10. Doctor Tenzin Chödrak: Astrology and Medicine

11. Doctor Tsarong Jigme: Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics

12. Professor Barrie Simmons: Psychotherapy, Self-acceptance, and Tibetan Medicine

13. Professor Rakra Tethong Rinpoche: The Education of Tibetan Children in Switzerland

14. Doctor Tashi Tazan: The Tibetan Youth Association in Europe

15. Professor Namkhai Norbu: Medicine and Yantra Yoga

16. Doctor Trogawa Rinpoche: Mental Illness

17. Doctor Tenzin Chödrak: The Nature of Mind

18. Doctor Lobsang Drolma: The Nature of Mind

19. Professor Namkhai Norbu: Man, Medicine, and Society

List of Invited Speakers:

Doctor Jampa Thinley, Director of the Lhasa Institute of Tibetan Medicine

Doctor Troru Tsenam, Director of Studies and Scientific Research in Tibetan Medicine in Lhasa

Doctor Tsarong Jigme Tsewang, Director of the Institute of Tibetan Medicine in Dharamsala

Doctor Trogawa Rinpoche, Sikkim’s most famous Tibetan doctor

Doctor Sangyey Tenzin, Tibetan medical doctor in the Bön tradition

Doctor Ama Lobsang, Tibetan medical doctor in Dharamsala

Doctor Tenzin Chödrak, doctor for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dharamsala

Professor Namkhai Norbu, faculty member in the Istituto Universitario Orientale di Napoli

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