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The Light of Kailash, Volume One

A History of Zhang Zhung and Tibet: The Early Period

by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Book - 27.00€ (without VAT)


Translated from Tibetan by Donatella Rossi

A History of Zhang Zhung and Tibet: The Early Period is the first volume of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu's trilogy Light of Kailash. A former professor of Tibetan and Mongolian Language and Literature at the University of Naples L'Orientale, the Author has dedicated his academic career to the study of Tibetan culture and has published a number of works, in particular, on its origin. In his findings, the cradle of Tibetan culture is to be looked for in the ancient realm of Zhang Zhung, which had revered Mount Kailash as its center and heart, as well as in the Bon spiritual traditions that flourished within and spread from that kingdom. The Light of Kailash, through meticulous selection and a critical use and analysis of a vast array of literary and often inedited sources, offers an open, groundbreaking, holistic, unbiased approach to the study of the cultural and spiritual heritage of Tibet, and to the understanding of the origin of this fascinating and endangered civilization.

  • Translator’s Foreword 7
  • A Technical Note on the Translation 12
  • I. The Human Generations of Ancient Zhang Zhung 15
  • 1. Nonhuman Beings 16
  • 2. The Four Original Great Clans and the Six Family
  • Lines of the Early Human Generations 64
  • 3. The bSe, Khyung, and sBra Tribal Groups of
  • Zhang Zhung 75
  • II . The Bon Lineages of Ancient Zhang Zhung 77
  • 1. gShen-rab Mi-bo-che and the dMu-gshen Lineage 85
  • 2. The Diffusion of Bon after the Birth of
  • gShen-rab Mi-bo-che 91
  • III . The Royal Lineages of Ancient Zhang Zhung 125
  • 1. The Eighteen Monarchs, Holders of the
  • Horn-Like Crowns 130
  • 2. The Twelve Minor Principalities 138
  • IV. The Written Language of Ancient Zhang Zhung 149
  • 1. gShen-rab Mi-bo-che Taught the Written Language
  • of Ancient Zhang Zhung 150
  • 2. The sPungs Script of sTag-gzig 159
  • V. The Civilization of Ancient Zhang Zhung 167
  • 1. gZi and Thog lcags 167
  • 2. Rock Carvings 175
  • 3. The Science of Arts and Crafts [bZo rig] 180
  • 4. Music 185
  • 5. gTo and its Cultural Foundations 188
  • 6. Ju thig 189
  • 7. Mo-pra 192
  • 8. Dreams [rMi lam] 212
  • 9. Numerological Astrology 213
  • 10. Medicine 217
  • Bibliography 221
  • Indexes
  • Index of Tibetan and Zhang Zhung Names and Terms 229
  • Index of Textual Sources 255
  • Index of Sanskrit Names and Terms 259
  • Index of Chinese Names and Terms 261

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