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Dorje Sempa Namkha Che: The Total Space of Vajrasattva

Root Text with Commentary by Vairochana

by Vairochana

Book - 22.50€ (without VAT)


available also: Book - 22.50€ eBook - 16.80€

NEW ISBN: 978-88-7834-471-6

Translated from Tibetan by Adriano Clemente

The Dorje Sempa Namkha Che, or The Total Space of Vajrasattva, is said to have been recited spontaneously by Garab Dorje when he was just seven years old. One of the main lungs, or essential texts, of Dzogchen Semde, it is an extraordinarily profound teaching. Replete with cryptic language and references, direct and indirect, to the other vehicles of realization according to the ancient tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dorje Sempa Namkha Che is extremely difficult to understand without a commentary. In this book the root text appears together with the Chagdrel, or Iron Commentary, edited and annotated in the Tibetan version by Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. Adriano Clemente translated the Tibetan to English.

  • Translator’s Preface 7
  • Root Text and Commentary 11
  • (I) On the Dharmatā 17
  • (II) On How It Exists by Nature 25
  • (III) On How It Exists by Nature as Greatness 29
  • (IV) On How It Is Beyond Searching 33
  • (V) On How It Is Ineffable 39
  • (VI) On How Beings Are Not Subject to Karma 43
  • (VII) On How It Is Free from Mental Effort 51
  • (VIII) On How It Is Nondual and Free from Defects 59
  • (IX) On How Wisdom Arises From Oneself 63
  • (X) On the Way of Applying the Function of Energy 69
  • (XI) On How It Is Perfectly Complete 81
  • (XII) On How It Is Free from Attachment 89
  • (XIII) On the Essence of Primordial Greatness 93
  • (XIV) On How It Is Always Free from Aspirations 97
  • (XV) On the Revelation of the Teaching 103
  • (XVI) On Absolute Equality 113
  • (XVII) On How It Transcends Attachment to the Bliss
  • of the Great Siddhi 119
  • (XVIII) On How It Is Free from Effort 131
  • (XIX) On the Ever-Immutable Dharmatā 135
  • (XX) On How It Is Not Produced by Causes and Conditions 143
  • (XXI) On How Enlightenment Is within All Beings 149
  • (XXII) On Bestowing Accumulated Offerings 155
  • (XXIII) On How the Ornaments of Accumulated Offerings
  • Are Naturally Self-Perfected 163
  • (XXIV) On How It Is Self-Perfected 167
  • (XXV) On the Ocean of Activities 171
  • (XXVI) On the Bondage of Giving with a Self 175
  • (XXVII) On How the Contents of This Teaching Are
  • Revealed as Mere Symbolic Words 179
  • Appendix 187
  • Notes 191
  • Glossary 209
  • Bibliography 211

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